/pressurewashing Subdirect Statistics

2022.01.26 22:46 _kiminara /pressurewashing Subdirect Statistics

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2022.01.26 22:46 p3nnykat What do you call eyes that change colors? Turquoise when I’m hungry, lime green when I’m tired, grey when I’m happy, and emerald when I’m in the mood 😋

What do you call eyes that change colors? Turquoise when I’m hungry, lime green when I’m tired, grey when I’m happy, and emerald when I’m in the mood 😋 submitted by p3nnykat to DemEyesDoe [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 22:46 calibrator_withaZ Advice for dracaena Janet Craig and pilea peperomoides? Dracaena keeps getting crispy parts. Pilea peperomoides is making progress but what should I do with all that stem that’s barren?

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2022.01.26 22:46 bobocopp Different patina on two new Pochette Accessoires

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2022.01.26 22:46 MonotheOrgoNerd LF Eth 15% ED balrog skin. 0os or 4os. Offer Lo.

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2022.01.26 22:46 lawmfw Legal terminology web links

FYI, for those of you who are reading the legal documents, I have been collecting legal terminology web links and they are all posted in NLSTforumKnowledge in the Google court case 2022 thread
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2022.01.26 22:46 Wise_Mulberry3568 [WP] You receive a knock on the door. You think you remember them from work? You open the door, and wince as they begin shouting. "Why didn't I get an invitation to your birthday party?!" You try to explain that you didn't have a party- This seems to make them angrier.

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2022.01.26 22:45 bella63939494 HMU I’m looking for A SB

I noticed that most post here tells fake lies about looking for a sugar baby ❤️❤️ I'm looking for someone who to take care of.. And I make happy ONLY serious minded. Text me up on snap nikkibella7262 Text me up on Kik bella3232____
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2022.01.26 22:45 Dexiel How to unlock a power temporarily with ads

Load/create another world and when you see the giftbox icon appear that means ads are available, then you can go back to your world to use the powers. Response to that post that somehow got locked after 2 hours despite not getting any good answers.
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2022.01.26 22:45 enders4you I felt attacked...

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2022.01.26 22:45 NewsCryptocurrency Market mostly down as Fed holds rates

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2022.01.26 22:45 XtremePocket Ortholinear/split ergo keeb for framework laptop?

I discovered the framework laptop today. A late find, but their respect for the idea of swappability is tuly amazing to me. One of the things I always wanted to change about laptops is when I use my own tiny ergo board, it either have to sit on top of the original laptop keyboard or far away from it. Is it possible to create something like a plug and play ergo keeb module? If so, how feasible do you think it is?
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2022.01.26 22:45 Condo_Man_Returns Milton condo sold at $1.05 million. WTF

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2022.01.26 22:45 toxicbroforce Ukrainian equality act

Today the Ukrainian parliament and Empress Alexandra passed the Ukrainian equality act.
The main purpose of the equality act is to work to combat discrimination and hate against someone race, gender, religion or sexual orientation.
This bill will introduce the following -classify attacks against someone’s race, gender, religion or sexual orientation a hate crime leading to 10 years in prison -allow transgender youth to medically transition with parental and medical consent at the age of 17 and the youth has stated that this is what they want -legalize same sex marriage and adoption -combating racial profiling
The Ukrainian government believes this bill to be first step in creating a more equal nation
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2022.01.26 22:45 Salty994 The moving towers of Elden Ring

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2022.01.26 22:45 WarWolf343 [Artwork] Character designs for the upcoming ongoing, Aquamen. Art by Sami Basri.

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2022.01.26 22:45 zokipokinet 32 quotes

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2022.01.26 22:45 spookiepaws Random aggressive episodes from cat.

Hi! I was wondering if anyone had any advice, my cat is a teen, but he will just randomly become aggressive, sometimes without warning. During these episodes he will latch on and bite me, and also yowl at me. I originally became worried maybe he was in pain, and mentioned it to my vet, and after an exam she had said there was nothing wrong, that it might be food motivated. This very well could be the case, as it often happens after he tries to get me to feed him.
Any advice on training this out of him?
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2022.01.26 22:45 ThrowRAilikefish Where/how did you meet your significant other at Washu?

honestly just curious.
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2022.01.26 22:45 destro0608 What happened to my games?

So i was playing stick fight with a few friends and i needed to restart my pc because there was a weird glitch that happens to a few of my games sometimes (it makes it run at like 10-15 frames) and the only fix i found was to restart my pc but when i got back from it restarting, all of my steam games were uninstalled, theyre still there in the steam files but not in the library, so far i havent noticed any of the games on things like epic uninstalled so i dont know what happened, I tried going to steam but it got removed automatically so I came here
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2022.01.26 22:45 Ilikeyoubignose Rangers TV down?

Not able to login to Rangers TV, anyone else having problems?
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2022.01.26 22:45 Just_Plain_Mat Ever seen a Glyphid Crassus Detonator get killed on initial drop ship impact?

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2022.01.26 22:45 LoretiTV Legends of Tomorrow - 7x10 "The Fixed Point" - Post-Episode Discussion

Season 7 Episode 10: The Fixed Point
Aired: January 26, 2022
Synopsis: The Legends are tired of being chased by an evil A.I. and her robo-soliders, so Sara decides to create an aberration that will allow the team to take back the Evil Waverider. However, the Legends find themselves in a Bar for time-travelers, and quickly learn that this "fixed point" is popular with time-travelers, leaving Sara questioning her odds at winning.
With Behrad and Astra growing closer, Zari and Spooner are forced to awkwardly interact with each other as the rest of the Legends are paired up on the mission. Meanwhile, Ava hears Gwyn's plan to save his boyfriend, and Ava is forced to remind him of the consequences in he succeeds.
Directed by: Maisie Richardson-Sellers
Written by: Paiman Kalayeh & Matthew Maala
Please keep in mind that posting recent, major plot points from other Arrowverse shows without the usage of spoiler tags is prohibited. Use >!Spoiler submitted by LoretiTV to LegendsOfTomorrow [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 22:45 Juscallmeyoyo Banishing The Scrapbeak Gets SWEATY. | Hunt: Showdown | sub for more!

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2022.01.26 22:45 gloaming_98 Very awkward at work/How to be friendlier?

Hey all,
I just started working at my company for a couple of weeks (4). So far, I say good morning at stand-ups, and reach out to my team if I need help, and thank them for their help. They are really sweet and a nice group of people. However, something I have failed to do is to say goodbye to them. My desk is on the back corner of the office, so I almost never really interact with anyone face to face, only when I need help with my team, and even then its on slack/IM. I know I should say bye, and I hope they do not have the wrong impression that I do not like them or something, it's just this stupid social anxiety that gets in the way for me to walk up to people and be nice to them. I am hoping tomorrow I can go to their desks and say "have a good weekend/stay safe/have a good night". I am about to do it, but I get nervous, or think to myself it's too late to make this my routine. Is there any way I can introduce ice-breakers in the team so I can get know them bettethey can know me better? My gf told me to bring them snacks/baked goods, so that is one idea. I am really to be happy working in a field that I am passionate about, but my anxiety to be a more outgoing co worker is getting in the way.
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