These are THE BEST YouTubers ‼️💯

2022.01.26 23:52 dontaskmeboutmybread These are THE BEST YouTubers ‼️💯

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2022.01.26 23:52 MrZorro007 Ezra wanted xpresscheck, he did reverse merger instead. They all want in airports for the foot print.

Check this link I found on Ezra. This is back in 2020. This CEO knows his stuff and he should have been doing the interviews instead of Doug or anyone else.
I see why he is CEO of Xpresscheck only!!! If it was up to him, his company would have bought out just Xpresscheck. So instead they did basically a reverse merger with him. They offered him CEO of just Xpresscheck and has 1mil of stock options that he can only vest 1/3 in a year over 1/3 a year after that and ao on. Mark that 1 year!!
He is running the show!!!
All these new hires are coming from him to expand Xpresscheck. The goverment can't mandate testing on inbound international flight until they can show they can handle the volume and we saw what happened during the holidays. So he is going for national coverage, which was the goal back in 2020!!
Xpresscheck is the big money and is the future for this company!
"We’ve been with XpresCheck every step of the way in getting the pilot program at JFK off the ground. Once that’s perfected, we’re looking forward to helping them introduce this critical service to airports all across the US and beyond."
Just me but this is a big buy at these prices. This is why ticker is changing and Doug is not here. I believe they had different visions. Bruce wants Xpresscheck to go big because of his involvement with Current Board Member, Summit Digital Health.
So there you go in a nut shell. Let me know your thoughts and look at Ezra.
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2022.01.26 23:52 Necessary-Treacle-24 No idea what to call it

So basically I wrote this part of a story/book thing and well i don't know if it is any good so read it over, I'd like to request you give it a rating or make points on what could be fixed, anything is helpful thanks. (Excuse the spelling) Run me over this one more time, this time start from the beginning ok? The lady said. One last time I said. My name is Buck and my number is 40164 and I was in the mines for the last part of the war. Not that that was anything special of course nonetheless it was a vital part of the war effort. my role in the mines was a gunner, the heavy sort, I was to work as support for the minors, roughly there were 27 miners and 6 gunners, not a big crew but it was perfect to get the job done and few enough to be on a list, by anything I mean the enemy's of course not specifically the ones we were fighting in the war but the ones on these floating rocks in the middle of nowhere, the ones we were stealing ore from.
I remember the day I received the letter, on the farm, it was bittersweet, a chance to get off the farm. but I knew this war would be different… more so to any war fought previously, those wars had been on the ground as more a civil war, this was more of an interstellar war, fought with the ships, and taking of planets, not pillboxes. Past wars were measly in comparison to this one, world war 2 taking place over a thousand years ago. not many had fought since we were all too busy trying to help the planet, it’s a shame how it ended. I had to report to the closest base for training. As I arrived I could see was complete devastation med ships were landing, dropping off wounded and bringing them to a hospital across the airstrip. I entered the building and it finally occurred to me what might happen, I could be sent to the front lines, and could get hurt or worse. I almost threw up at the thought, waiting in line for my physical test a thought I might fail on purpose to get out of the war, but decided against it as the consequences were heavy. Well it was finally my turn I signed my name and was brought to a second building, it was full of people all getting ready for the test, I had to wait a decent few hours until it was my turn, when It finally was I had to do some physical stuff, I just had to pass that. It started easily with a few pushups then jumping jacks, and a decent job, it wasn't bad, then it was that crawling under barbed wire, taking a rope and swinging across a mud hole, basic weapons training, basic vehicle operation training and it ended with some natural disaster stuff like putting out fires and moving sandbags. That was it, no mental course, just follow orders and you will be fine. "well that's too bad" I thought. I was given my number and it was 40164 fairly easy to remember it wasn't as bad as I could have gotten. The guy beside me got 1303871, I was given the role I was to be a reinforced armoured vehicle or Rav gunner for short, I knew what a Rav gunner did, The paper read that I would fight on the frontlines, as a reinforced armoured vehicle gunner. Along with a group of guys, we would work as transport for anything including; people, rations, parts, weapons, ammunition, and emergency kits. I of course had the most dangerous job of my eventual team. While they were protected from anything inside the cab I sat on top, unprotected on the top half of my body, I had to worry about bullets lasers, explosions shrapnel and whatever the weather was like, it could be rain, snow, hail, fog, storms, anything that could happen will happen. I meet my team tomorrow after I ship out to Rav training on the next planet over. Right now I just had time to relax, as this would normally be the time that family would visit and see their children for what could be the last time. I of course didn't have any family since what happened on my planet.
I was a freshman at my high school, I was in an astronomy class I was very good with astronomy, I could use any map and knew the names of most of the surrounding planets. Sometimes I was too good at it and lost interest as a had been done with the work, and I would just drift off and tune out of the class, just thinking about anything this particular day had to be thought of. I was thinking of how I could help my family pay bills and help around the house. When there was an explosion, I could hear a deafening noise outside. Everyone instantly went to the window to check out out. It turned out to be a satellite that fell to the park about 150 meters away from the school. It was silent for a second, a period where nobody said anything, just silence. That was when the power went out, a few minutes later the principal came in and asked to talk to our teacher in the hall. The teacher came back, to a silent class, your parents are on their way to pick you up, most vehicles are dead, and it seems to be an act of terrorism, most satellites were destroyed they seemed to be using an EMP blast, It was sent out at a very large scale so any remaining electronics are dead, luckily when the first satellites were able to send out an SOS signal. And also had time to send out a warning to parents over their devices that had a few minutes to read it. My parents had eventually arrived on a non-computer-operated vehicle, the only way it would work. We had gone home had some cold chilli And gone to bed no one had said anything.
I had woken up the next day to the sound of screaming and the crack of gunfire. It wasn't in the house it was outside, when I looked outside I saw people running, I couldn't see it, whatever it was. So I waited. I didn't have to wait long as whatever it was turned the block.
After waiting for long enough for everyone to be done with their family's it was time to ship out and get to the camp. I had started on the craft to go to an area specially designed to train soldiers for all kinds of combat, like a low gravity environment, a high gravity environment, a muddy, dry, vegetated area with buildings. On our way we were given our kits, A soldier would need that just to keep from freezing to death. Let alone the combat, hand to hand was unlikely but a battle over ships would be likely, to win you would need working ion cannons.
Well, my job wasn't on those ships good thing as they are dangerous, powerful but dangerous. I would be on the front lines atop a Rav, much like they used to be on tracks but lighter, and stronger. All great but I was to be on top, the most dangerous part, to gun from there was a very dangerous job.
When I was finally put on one of the ships I saw other recruits, one of them said hey you look worried can I ask why? the man beside him said, idiot, he's going to fight in a war, as you and I remember!? Oh yeah, I forgot. Anyway you can call me dick, and he's Walter he tends to forget, can't believe they would let him fight. Anyway, you are? You can call me Buck. I said. Well, buck nice meeting you. Dick said.
When we were in the craft we were briefed about our first mission and were introduced to our team, there was Thomas he was to be our driver, Jeffrey who was the engineer in charge of keeping the engine repaired, Atlas was our front gunner, Matthew was our rear gunner, Walter was our radio operator, dick would be our navigator and I would gun on top. we were being briefed by Adam Blackburn our commanding officer, and Arianna Huffington our eyes in the sky.
"You don't know me yet but you will, we will become close and we will have to if we want to win this war. We need order and to win its teamwork that will get us through alive and well. Your first mission will be on Conway 22b, it's in the middle of the vigbor galaxy. You are to be airdropped by a cargo ship and will move to the small town of Kabul. Where you will attempt to liberate it with the rest of D company. You along with the remainder of D co will meet up with B and C company moving towards the city of Vareel, capturing it."
any questions? He said. "Yes," Walter said.
"What if we don't complete our mission?"
"Well, you will be put elsewhere assuming you survive," Blackburn answered.
"You are to transport rations to Kabul which should help with trust and then you will transport part of b company to vareel." He said.
So that was it, we had to take these objectives if we didn't we would be put in a different place if we survived. Sitting inside the truck would work but on top, like I am is very dangerous. I could get shot easily.
We were boarding the ship through the cargo bay when we were assigned our RAV. It was your usual black military vehicle. It had something written on the side in red paint, Bessy. Our RAV was called Bessy, she was a fine piece of machinery she was built like a tank, broader than she was tall. She stood 8 feet tall and 25 long. She was black with a large machine gun on top. The back had a large door on hinges that was locked from the inside. She had one window that was the windshield. It was tinted and bullet-resistant. When I entered I saw ammo for likely myself and the other soldiers. In the back, it was full of rations on the Seats. There were many in the bay just like her but with subtle differences, like camo, names, top guns tracks and more. "Right after we make planetfall, you and your crew will be airdropped by parachute behind enemy lines about 25 kilometres outside the city," Arianna said. "What if we aren’t dropped in the right spot?" Walter said worryingly. "That is quite unlikely," said Blackburn. "But still possible said Arianna. Blackburn glanced coldly. "Now we don't want to be worrying about our new team now do we?" "Wait? New team? What happened to the last team?" Walter said. "what do you think happened dumbass?" Said Jeffery. "Yes the previous team, unfortunately, went KIA during our previous mission". Blackburn said. "Rest in peace" she added. "So what's the squad callout?" Walter asked. "Your squad is delta squad". Blackburn said. "Now go get into uniform". I was in the locker room with the squad getting into uniform, that being a helmet, bullet-resistant vest, boots, a T-shirt, pants, a belt, a shirt and a gun. That being the z254 assault rifle. It was able to switch between full auto, semi and burst. It was like an old gun, it still used bullets instead of lasers. "Can’t get the military to pay for descent weapons that could do something to the enemy soldiers now can we," Thomas said jokingly. "Nah, that could win us the war". Said atlas. "Well maybe if the enemy wasn't trying to destroy our economy that wouldn't be such a problem now would it?" Said Blackburn from behind us. "Wait, how long have you been here?" Matthew asked in surprise. "Long enough" he replied. By this point, everybody was ready to load up. When we entered the truck the ship was approaching the planet and we would touch down at any time. Dick asked, "what do you think it will be like?" "Not pretty" atlas answered. "Thanks, genius," Matthew remarked. That's when the shop’s red lights started blinking and alarms sounding. We were under attack. Over the loudspeaker, we heard a voice say "we are under attack, everyone out of the bay unless you’re in a vehicle!" "T-minus 60 seconds until drop" "we’re going to die aren’t we," Walter said. "No probably not." "45 seconds" "delta 1,2 and 3 prepare to free fall." Delta one said. "Freefall?!?!" Walter exclaimed. "I thought we were going to land!" "25 seconds" "I'm sure it will be fine," Matthew said. "T-minus 10 seconds" " 9,8,7,6,5-" BOOM* the loudest explosion I had ever heard just happened and all of a sudden our vehicle like most others were tossed out of the bay due to the loss of pressure. For a few seconds, I could see what was happening. It was an entire fleet of enemy spacecraft after our ship. I saw what looked to be more explosions. After a few more I saw black dots falling from the sky originating from our ship. Then the parachute deployed through the top, i could see that there were 3 mushrooms. We crashed into the ground only barely slowed down by the chutes so that the vehicle wasn't badly damaged. "We aren't supposed to drop from that far guys." Matthew said. " no shit Sherlock." Atlas replied in a calm tone. "Well, Jeffery want to run a diagnostic?" I said. He replied with "way ahead of you as he jumped up and started typing on his keyboard. "This may take a few minutes," he told us. "Is nobody going to bring up the fact that our ship was just destroyed?" Walter said. "Well, our job is to deal with it and carry on with the mission," I said. "We don't even know if there is anybody else out here for the mission! We could be completely alone out here!" He shot back. "No, we aren't. Do you see all those dots outside the window?" Atlas said. "Yeah, that could be anything!" Jeremy said from behind the computer. "I guess that it was other vehicles being shot out like us," Atlas said. "Alright guys it’s done." " so we’re not doing great but it could be worse. The radio is damaged to the point we can't broadcast but we can hear broadcasts. Radar still just barely works. We've got a cracked frame same for the exterior so we won't be able to take many hits. Left .50 is completely gone the top is still working perfectly and the right has. Bent barrel. The windshield is cracked and the winch is totalled." Jeffery told us. "Great I’m the only one with a working .50 calibre machine gun. So offence is fucked as well as defence." I thought. "Is there anything you can fix?" Matthew asked. "No, unfortunately not I'd need to cannibalize another vehicle for that," Jeffery responded sadly. Well, II it’s not like there going to be a shortage of them, if we came down like this there's bound to be more right? In potentially good enough condition for salvageable parts." I said. It’s plausible Jeffery replied. “Well we better get into a mobile state.” said dick. “Alright give me a few minutes to get the kinks worked out,” Jeffery answered.
I had finally gotten a chance to get outside and take in the surrounding area. It was highly vegetated green and brown everywhere. We had landed in some forest it was about 7 o’clock and the sun would be going down at any time. This was the first chance I had gotten to think about what is happening. “ did all that just happen, am I asleep, did we fall, are we fighting a war, what’s going to happen to me.” were all thoughts that crossed my mind. Then I heard a voice from behind me. “ stressful situation isn’t it?” I heard in a deep soothing voice. I looked behind me to find it was Atlas. “ it is” I admitted. “Wish I could tell you it gets better,” he told me. “Yeah me too.” ” well we better get back to Bess” he pointed out. I agreed. When we got back inside there was a map on the floor. “Our objective is still to liberate the city,” Jeffery said to the team. “ yeah but we don’t have enough manpower even if we found half the troops we’d still die trying!” Matthew replied. “How about we focus on getting radar fixed and then we worry about that.” I said, “alright, but how are we going to find another Rav?” Jeffery said.
If you've read this far than I'd like to thank you it means a lot to me. I'm not done with it yet so thats why there isn't more.
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2022.01.26 23:52 Catheg8 I’ve been told my eyes are intense 😏

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2022.01.26 23:52 Depresso_Expreso day 80 of 10th grade

still the same as yesterday. this morning we had to do research for a project in biology. my teacher changed our seats by letting us pick but i got there late so i had to pick whatever was left. i was going to sit in the first seat that was already empty and next to my friend, but for some reason she decided to move there and let me sit in the middle of her and her friend. it really annoys me because when they talk to each other, they have to both face toward me. my friend even kind of knocked my arms out of the way just so she could show her a stupid picture. when our teacher told us to start researching, she wanted to switch seats with me. i was really irritated and hurt because after that, they didnt acknowledge me afterwards. i feel like im getting isolated from everyone. i feel completely invisible. anyway, my table at lunch got taken but i was able to stay composed and i just went to eat in the bathroom.
thats all. ill be back tomorrow.
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2022.01.26 23:52 ogbarisme [Help][XBone][DS3][SL16][Dancing Queen]

Pw 123
High wall bonfire Please
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2022.01.26 23:52 SphealWithItt I need help choosing one of these from the special stone. I mostly run a U7/USS Teams, but I’m trying to build pure and hybrid saiyan teams

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2022.01.26 23:52 mattydoodles07 My 12 Dustin that i use as a pillow! 🤣 i forgot to post him in my collection photo!

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2022.01.26 23:52 StarshineHues Well written marriage law / forced marriage / marriage of convenience stories

Hi! I’m new to the Dramione fandom and am currently making my way through some amaaaazing fics! I’ve read so many brilliant stories, but am now craving well-written, novel / novella length marriage law, forced marriage or marriage of convenience fics. I’d prefer completed stories, and lesser known gems would be GREAT - read through the Alkahest and the Armistice Act - it left me broken hearted to realise that they are WIPs. Thank you so very much in advance!
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2022.01.26 23:52 JebediahKerman001 hotel

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2022.01.26 23:52 blackjesus017 Well well well

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2022.01.26 23:52 rrathod14 Case Study Statistical Inference/ Metric Estimaton/ Data Quality

I have a sample data of webiste users: user_id, ip_address, url, timestamp, os, browser. Using this data I have calculate below metrics ● SUUV (Sample Unique User Visit) = # of Unique Users who visited the website ○ e.g. 800k Panel Users visited on 8/29/2020 via Chrome from Mac OS in the US. ● SUVP (Sample User Visit Penetration) = # of Unique Users who visited the website / Panel Users ○ e.g. 80% of Panel Users visited on 8/29/2020 via Chrome from Mac OS in the US. ● SAPU (Raw Average Page Visit per User) = Avg # of web page visits per user ○ e.g. Users visit 7 times a day to on 8/29/2020 via Chrome from Mac OS in the US.
My question is If the RUVP of xyz.comin the US is 80% in our panel, what would be the possible estimated UUV (Unique User Visit) of in the US in the real world? what other metrics we can estimate with above data? 2. Can you suggest what other metrics we can estimate with collected data and how? 3. Referring to the estimation weekly report and suggest how to detect if something had gone wrong with metric estimates quality? 4. How do you measure the data accuracy of the estimates given there’s no ground truth benchmark? 5. Can you suggest what kind of alerts or metrics you might use to detect if something had gone wrong with sample users as soon as possible? 6. What do you think about the entire methodology? Do you see any breaking points? In what cases does the methodology work well? In what cases not? Do you think that we could use any model that could estimate better?
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2022.01.26 23:52 milfmunch Gamestop Is The Ultimate Hedge.

Buy. Hold. DRS!!!!!
Thats it. Thats my post.
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2022.01.26 23:52 notheretookya Para hi cap.

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2022.01.26 23:52 IDislikeHomonyms We have developed a bird feeder where birds can exchange litter for food

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2022.01.26 23:52 lemon-pasta it's more easy to like Carti if you discover it

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2022.01.26 23:52 NFT_DigitalArt The KotoDAO Not a PFP NFT project !!! Thumbs Up and Drop Eth Address [X-post from /r/opensea]

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2022.01.26 23:52 NumericalMathematics What computer science do I need to consider for geothermal?

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2022.01.26 23:52 TheMarquisDeSpace Mystery and medicine? Horror and healthcare? Lets explore a spooky hospital tonight in our Silent Hill deep dive! The spookening starts soon! Hope to see you there

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2022.01.26 23:52 Low-Ad-5784 Yae or nae

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2022.01.26 23:52 latenightrva There's something heartbreaking about Shiv & Tom's relationship

As the title says.. their relationship is so raw. I can't put my finger on it. But can we discuss it?! It's the most complex and interesting relationship I've ever watched on screen.
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2022.01.26 23:52 DemerzelHF For anyone curious about the definition of "grooming"

It's not feudalism
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2022.01.26 23:52 neckethiopian A Busty Milf Strokes A Prick

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2022.01.26 23:52 Pluagemask42 Kevin 11 Aliens Updated - PowerSurge The Nexutrix’s sample of a Nosedeenian

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2022.01.26 23:52 Toyotathon0313 Listen to the pre market talk once and I get this damn ad

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