3 Charged Moves in GBL???

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2021.12.08 10:39 slinkyburrito83 3 Charged Moves in GBL???

I just played against a person in the GBL, who had 1 HP left on his Jumpluff. He first proceeded to use the first charged attack, Aerial Ace on me, I went to attack and I couldn't hit him. He then used Weather ball on me as his second charged attack. I press again to attack him and nothing happens, so now he uses a THIRD charged attack on me Discharge. Can someone please explain: 1) how he was able to use 3 charge Moves? (I thought the limit was 2 moves) & 2) how he was able to use all 3 without me hitting him even once.
Thank you
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2021.12.08 10:39 MrPolish1000 What is your favorite team composition for the polar express and why?

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2021.12.08 10:39 Elian172 Send Karma

Send karma lmao
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2021.12.08 10:39 Thacen Endless Delve working starter (to reach lvl 90/95 with smooth grind - no pushing)

I'm looking for a smooth build that would allow me to get lvl 90/95 without much of an issue. I'm a new player so if the build doesn't require much of a skill (ED/EC is too much for me, and cyclone is boring).
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2021.12.08 10:39 San_Tangirala Hi There! I would like to know if there are any guides /books to get me startd with the design of telescopes in Zemax OpticStudio . Thank you !

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2021.12.08 10:39 Forjoin Верховный суд разрешил штрафовать нарушителей масочного режима без проведения расследования и экспертизы, достаточно протокола и фотофиксации, отмечается в постановлении коллегии инстанции по административным правонарушениям.

Верховный суд разрешил штрафовать нарушителей масочного режима без проведения расследования и экспертизы, достаточно протокола и фотофиксации, отмечается в постановлении коллегии инстанции по административным правонарушениям. submitted by Forjoin to covid19ru [link] [comments]

2021.12.08 10:39 Azarius753 The Chaos Gods as drawn by an AI

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2021.12.08 10:39 Judgethunder I was feeling creative at work so I made "maps" adding plothooks to pictures of islands.

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2021.12.08 10:39 whomf I (25M) lost my friend (26M) and it still haunts me

I had this friend in college, let’s call him Kyle. We met when I was 19 and he was 20. Kyle and I were very close, had a lot in common and laughed together often. We lived together for a year. We had the occasional squabble/disagreement but still got along well and hung out basically every evening.
For a little context, In those days I was a pretty disconnected and immature person. I had basically no self awareness, I had a lot of self hatred and projected that onto people by messing with people, being rude and saying/doing kinda mean things as a “joke”. I’d often say/do weird or uncomfortable things to try and get a laugh.
This other guy, Daniel (26M) was Kyles friend from his hometown that lived with him for a year before I did. I’d hang out with the two of them sometimes but I always felt more drawn to Kyle, he was just generally a cooler guy to be around. Anyways I pissed this guy off big time one day when I was messing with him. I was throwing an arm towards his crotch trying to make him flinch and one time actually touched his dick. I didn’t think anything of it, probably thought it was funny and laughed. To be clear don’t condone my past behavior at all. I dont know what I was doing back then. To be perfectly honest I also dont really remember this instance, but he said it happened and I agree it’s absolutely something I would’ve done at that time.
Anyways so about a year after that the lease for me and Kyle’s place was ending and we needed to move. He promised Daniel he’d live with him and I was like, “why don’t we all move in together and get a bigger house”. Kyle told me Daniel didn’t like me and wouldn’t do it, but wouldn’t tell me why. I just accepted that and started looking for an apartment for myself.
Kyle calls me, says Daniel changed his mind and that they found a great 3 bedroom house for us to all move into. I think about it and decide to do it out of wanting to live in that area and only having a couple of weeks to find a place.
We have a meeting, and I’m basically like “Alright Daniel, tell me what’s up. I wanna know how you feel and I’ll listen.” Thinking he’d just unload whatever he’d thought and we could make amends. He begins with saying that he thinks I’m obnoxious and brings up the incident I described earlier, and then starts going to straight up insults. Just mean stuff, not even constructive criticism. I just take it though, thinking he just needs to get out his feelings. I say nothing mean back to him. Then we’re done.
Later we have another meeting to decide who gets what room. There’s 3 rooms in the house, and two of them are significantly bigger +have their own bathroom (small one uses the public one with entry in the living room) So basically nobody wants the small room and that’s what we’re deciding. At home me and Kyle had decided that doing it a fair random way was the best thing to do because nobody would just give up the prospect of the nice rooms. But in this meeting suddenly he’s got all this defense of why he shouldn’t get the small room and so does Daniel. I have nothing prepared, as I was expecting a fair random chance thing. At one point I’m like “guys this isn’t cool, I feel like you’re hanging up on me and there’s no way you’ll even give me a chance for a good room.” Daniel then goes off on me again, telling me I’m an awful person and I dont deserve anything nice. He doesn’t stop there, he keeps saying this shit until I agree to take the small room. Later I text him and kindly ask him not to ever talk to me so disrespectfully like that again. He responds with a wall of text defending himself and telling me how I’m awful. I take it again, thinking maybe this time the anger is out of him.
We all move into the house and honestly it’s super chill for the first 3 months or so. Me and Daniel are even getting along and hung out a few times (though I still just wasn’t too fond of him as a person, all his anger aside) and the three of us are very chill together. Eventually something snaps. I dont know what but things start going bad. My room was small and I had no storage so Daniel had agreed when we moved in to let me keep some stuff in his bathroom closet and it’s fine until one day he randomly starts locking his door. I dont really care, I just wanted to get my things occasionally (bathroom stuff, extra shampoo, medications etc.). It’s a very old house so the lock is just a skeleton key. I go get one from the antique store and go in to get something small from my storage bin. He comes home and blows up at me for doing this, claiming I’m doing other things in his room and that I’m gonna steal from him. I kinda understood where he was coming from, but I legit just wanted my things when I needed them. That was just the first instance of big disagreement between us.
He does other things, like go in my room, take and use my guitar without my permission, while saying that I was doing it to him. Other stupid stuff not worth typing. I’m fed up. I’m depressed, I’m insanely uncomfortable in my own home fearing he’d do something and that’s what I’d come home too. One day I broke down and basically told him I felt so awful there and to please stop. I was like crying trying to get this out. I give him a big real apology for anything I’d ever done wrong to him. And he’s like, receptive and gives me a big hug like it’ll be okay.
A few days later this happens, It was Halloween time, I was busy working on my final thesis and hadn’t had any off time for a month so I decide to take a little weekend break to party. I come home from school to get ready for the weekend. I see that my bathroom has been cleaned. (As part of me getting the small room Daniel agreed he’d clean the public bathroom, though the one time I’d asked him to do it he refused citing that I was a piece of shit or something like that.) I text Daniel, saying thanks for the cleaning and that I appreciated him. I get ready to go to a party and give myself a haircut and a beard trim, as I was looking pretty rough. I’m in a rush to drive to another town where I’ll spend the weekend with a friend and leave without cleaning up the hair. I receive a text from Daniel that night saying something like “you’re welcome. thanks for fucking it up right after” and I just ignore it and enjoy my weekend. I come home a couple days later and find that the bathroom is clean again, but then when I enter my room I find a plate on my bed full of my hair. I knock on his door, and I’m basically like “dude, what the fuck?” And he answers nonchalantly like “you’re lucky I didn’t just dump it all over the bed”. I just close the door. Turns out kyle had a friend coming for the weekend to stay on the couch and that’s why the bathroom was cleaned. I wasn’t informed of this or asked to clean the room myself.
My last straw before dragging Kyle into the mix was when Daniel went in my room and took the record player. Daniel had a bunch of stuff, he was kind of a hoarder and he once gave me this turntable. I took it and I used it every day. One day while I’m at school he goes in my room and takes it for no reason. I confront him, asking why. He says it’s his and he wants it back. Im tired of arguing. I say something like “I dont think you’re a good person dude” and leave the room.
I tell Kyle about this instance and he seems to know everything about it as Daniel had already talked to him. I’m like “dude please help me out, this guys being awful to me and I can’t take it anymore” he 100% agrees that the guy is treating me like shit and says it isn’t right. Sounds totally on my side. I propose a house meeting when Daniel gets home from school. Kyle reluctantly agrees. Daniel gets home and I have us all sit down. I try to make it a super calm actual discussion but it quickly dissolves into Daniel saying extremely rude shit to me, I just try to ask reasonable questions that he refuses to answer like “why do you think it’s okay to go in my room and take my stuff” and he’ll respond with “because you smell bad” and other immature things. He brings up the incident I described earlier (2 years had passed since then at this point) now claiming I sexually assaulted him and also claiming that I was gay and just trying to sleep with him and Kyle (way out of left field, im straight and he’d known at least two of my girlfriends). Other stuff that was purely made up and had no logistical basis. I try to bring Kyle in but he’s just sitting there cowering in his chair and won’t help me out. I tell Kyle about the hair thing and he says that he already knew all about it because Daniel had told him. Daniel even says rude stuff about Kyle like “he’s weak, he’s just a people pleaser he won’t do anything” I say absolutely nothing mean back to Daniel. I barely said anything at all.
That ends and we all split ways. Kyle gets his bike and disappears. I get in my car and drive around calling my dad to tell him I need to move ASAP. I get back home and find Kyle outside. I tell him I’m moving. He says “I would do that too after that. I’m sorry I couldn’t be there for you, my anxiety couldn’t handle that situation.” I look him in the eyes, shake his hand and say “I forgive you.” I go in my room and start packing. In the evening I go through the house and grab everything that’s mine and lock it in my room. I leave and go to my parents house 5 hours away for a few days until it’s moving day. My dad comes up with me and we get all the stuff into a truck. The other guys are completely avoidant and stay away from us.
I move to my own apartment in another city an hour away and finish my schooling for the next two months. I never talked to either of them again except Kyle, because he told me I had to pay the next months rent because they didn’t have time to find a new roomate and if I didn’t his parents (the lease co-signers) would take me to court over it. I just paid.
It’s been 3 years now, I moved to another state after graduating and started a new life in the place I’d always wanted to be and made the best friends I’d ever known.
But this situation still haunts me. I had blocked Kyle on everything but I got curious and unblocked his Instagram for a moment the other day to see how he was doing. They still live in that house with a new roomate and nothing in his life has changed much.
I miss the friend I had before all this bullshit and wonder about what would happen if I texted him. What should I do? Leave it be?
TLDR; had a college friend. We moved into a house with his hometown friend. That dude was kinda nuts and my relationship with my friend gets ruined because of it. It’s years later and I’m wondering if it’s worth contacting him.
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2021.12.08 10:39 marutoons The 5 Titans of Arcadia, The strongest enhancers alive(@Marutoons)

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2021.12.08 10:39 terianfsays 211208 Twitter: Heeseung (feat. Sunghoon) - Milk-ya congrats let's eat lots of delicious foods 😃

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2021.12.08 10:39 RealCaseyBlack AxLi - Ya Habibi (Official Video)

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2021.12.08 10:39 MasterOfOne1 RESHIRAM ON ME 0485 1151 1302 CAN ADD 10

Be online and be quick
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2021.12.08 10:39 mo_007 I think she is running VIP snaps , her new snap @baddievirall

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2021.12.08 10:39 saskakitty Too much to talk about

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2021.12.08 10:39 MOLLA-Art oculis #01 - Oculis is my new collection on OpenSea!

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2021.12.08 10:39 Vrosee0 Selfie video

Selfie video isn’t recognizing me. Someone took over my act. They created their own two factor ID. So the code I get isn’t enough to unlock my act. Anyone having selfie video issues?
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2021.12.08 10:39 baristakittyd What you can’t see is exactly what you should.

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2021.12.08 10:39 AultruisticEthnist Quiting for a week with some masturbation results

I've noticed I was addicted to shemale porn but now a new fetish strip teasing has started. I find shemale porn now gross. After 1 week. I will keep this going. I will fap with out porn only when I feel the urge to watch porn.
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2021.12.08 10:39 anonymous2618x Finale

sooo.. how does the finale work? will there be all 5 of the contestants on both days or will 2 leave on monday? will the winner be announced out of the 5 or is there a top 3 beforehand?
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2021.12.08 10:39 Locksmith9068 Best VR accessories

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2021.12.08 10:39 chicagogamecollector Marvel Super Heroes Vs Street Fighter - Two Giants Fight it out! -

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2021.12.08 10:39 Lost_Sun1120 Can I use Revit on a MacBook Air 2020 ?

I’m starting a course in Digital BIM Design, however I have a MacBook. Is there a way to download and install Revit.
I currently have AutoCAD on my MacBook.
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2021.12.08 10:39 Hope_4016 Unique deflationary token - Blue Earth Protocol | Dual-chain token - Blue Earth Protocol | New Gem | A cool select for investing | Long-term investments w/ the Blue Earth Protocol

Pay attention to Blue Earth Protocol
This is a unique platform, w/ Dual-chain token and BuyBack & Burn mechanism.
Part of the income from the project goes to the development of products related to energy from renewable sources!
Blue Earth Protocol is a representative of tokens with deflationary scenario, with each transaction a part of tokens is burned, reducing the supply and creating a steady & stable price increase.
All tokens (1 quintillion $BEP ) are already mined.
Blue Earth Protocol is also a bridge between the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum networks.
The $BEP token will be usable in both networks.
Right now, $BEP is available for purchase on PancakeSwap & Tokpie
Token Adress (BSC) 0x869d01F9dAD52a6C975a65D1834B0923F43d1D7E
Listing on CoinGecko & CoinMarketCap coming soon
Now is your chance to win $235 Trillion $BEP!
Learn more at blueearthprotocol dot com
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2021.12.08 10:39 Courier_coffee Lucy yak Addison on curvy ? Is that good idea ?

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