RIP Dime and John - you’re terribly missed 😢

2021.12.08 08:59 ValkorTahoe RIP Dime and John - you’re terribly missed 😢

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2021.12.08 08:59 Lady_Forestia 20 hours of work pays of.

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2021.12.08 08:59 abdultraders How to make Eco-friendly paper bags with your logo to enhance your marketing?

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2021.12.08 08:59 mahik_klaus Health Insurance for Employment VISA

I am currently living in South India, and I have been working remotely for a company in Germany for the last 1.5 years. Now, I am planning to relocate to germany in January 2022.
I have been following this checklist for all the documents.
The issue is, my employer has already pre-registered for my health insurance with AOK. But, I received a mail from AOK stating that I need to verify in person to get the confirmation document.
The German Consulate is asking me to provide a confirmation from AOK, or I can submit a travel VISA from my country, that is valid for 1 year.
I am confused as to why I need a Travel VISA with 1 year validity. I will end up paying twice for insurance for the same period. Once I reach Germany, I will have to do my city registration, and I can personally verify at AOK branch.
Is it possible to not have a german insurance until my travel insurance is about to expire? Or is it possible to have a travel insurance only for the days I am travelling, and the days before I register with AOK? Or, do I have to change the insurance company from AOK? (any suggestions?)
Any help is greatly appreciated.
Additional Details: VISA Type: Employment VISA (Long Stay) I also have the Pre-Approval from ZAV
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2021.12.08 08:59 VikQUACK Doing Cheap Emote and Badge Commissions! I can do youself, your pet, characters and much more! Each Emote is $6USD and each Badge is $5USD, you can find more info in the Carrd at profile . Thank you! :D

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2021.12.08 08:59 martyparty710 Unpopular opinion

You are all a bunch of discriminatory clowns that fear every dog larger than a poodle. Shame on you.
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2021.12.08 08:59 Sapiena1 Of Nature One, by SAEPIENA

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2021.12.08 08:59 PSTGtheFirst Fake spoilers vs. what we got.

I had a flashback to a youtuber reading a "leak" out and thinking "I hope not", Specifically where Gozer transport the team back to New York and blows up the firehouse.
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2021.12.08 08:59 Leading_Sense9042 PELA Music Video ?

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2021.12.08 08:59 Giomillsyy Scottish independence?

Im British and im not looking to start a flame war. I just want to be more informed on the subject. I dont live near Scotland so I cant ask anyone.
1)If possible could a few people try and lay out the reasons a normal( your average everyday joe e.g not someone who is breathes politics)person would want want to leave the Uk.
2) What someone would say whos very up to date with politics and current policies would say about why they want to leave the Uk.
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2021.12.08 08:59 CoherentPickle Now you see me

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2021.12.08 08:59 Creative_Ad_7310 خدای من این چیه

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2021.12.08 08:59 Chall1988 Italian bush

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2021.12.08 08:59 skypeleft 密着24年!孫が誕生3時間SP 動画 2021年12月8日 21/12/8 密着24年!孫が誕生3時間SP 動画 2021年12月8日 21/12/8 バラエティ動画高画質 JPSHOWBIZ Tver Gyao 9tsu Bilibili Miomio Dailymotion Pandora 密着24年!孫が誕生3時間SP 大家族 石田さんチ~君が、パパになるなんて…~...

密着24年!孫が誕生3時間SP 動画 2021年12月8日 21/12/8 密着24年!孫が誕生3時間SP 動画 2021年12月8日 21/12/8 バラエティ動画高画質 JPSHOWBIZ Tver Gyao 9tsu Bilibili Miomio Dailymotion Pandora 密着24年!孫が誕生3時間SP 大家族 石田さんチ~君が、パパになるなんて…~... submitted by skypeleft to Japanvarietymusic [link] [comments]

2021.12.08 08:59 DenofBlerds NASA Visualization of 2021 Hurricane Season through September

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2021.12.08 08:59 thesourceofsound Is it misgendering if you use the android version of ⚠️

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2021.12.08 08:59 deen1802 Is this what Quant does?

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2021.12.08 08:59 BigSnackStove Är det bara jag som stör mig på "tävlingar" i social media?

Eh ehm, Definition tävling. "En tävling är en särskilt anordnad tillställning där flera personer, lag eller tävlingsdjur mäter sina färdigheter på något område för att kunna rangordna deltagarna"
En post där någon skriver "Kommentera nedan för att gå med i tävlingen att vinna X grej". Det är väl ingen tävling? Vad tävlar ni i? Tur? Det är väl en utlottning?
Väljer man att inte skriva utlottning för att det påpekar någon slags regelverk som man inte behöver åberopa i en tävling?
Eller är det bara jag som är bitter?
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2021.12.08 08:59 Vegetable_Doughnut46 What does Dutch sound like to people who don't speak Dutch?

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2021.12.08 08:59 TheChamberPlaylist Kid Cudi #short #shorts #shortvideo #shortsvideo #shorts #share #motivation #motivational #love #art

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2021.12.08 08:59 91nwjd no more content ???

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2021.12.08 08:59 Gold_Palpitation_752 A few little issues

Hi all,
I'm running the latest version of WAC on Windows Server 2019 and I've run into a few strange problems:

  1. The Active Directory add-in seems to work for only 1 domain controller and not the other, it'll just spin and not load anything.
  2. The Gateway server appears twice within my list of connections and I'm unable to remove one

I'm not sure if anyone has come across these before?
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2021.12.08 08:59 Beginning_Cook_8926 🐐 Meta Elon Green Goat (MEGG) 🐐 Stealth Launched 🚀 Degen Play Token 💰 It's a great coin to you 🔮 Next 1000x gem Get in early ! 💖Amazing New

💖 Wellcome to 🐐 Meta Elon Green Goat (MEGG)

🔰 Our main goal is to take playing games, crypto investments, and crypto adoption to the next, much higher level. We live in time where the blockchain is the biggest and most important financial invention of our time. Crypto will be with us for a very long period and become part of our lives, with high earning potential for early investors. Since investments and profits are the main reason for people to enter the crypto, our mission is to move this future forward by finding new and engaging ways to accelerate mass adoption facilitating access for non-crypto people.

🐐 What is Meta Elon Green Goat (MEGG) About? 🐐

A BSC network for a safu play to boost morale!

These are the following Tokenomics for the Son of Floki with over a Total Supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens. Having a 3% Liquidity and 3% Burn and receiving rewards 6% as rewards. With a total fee of 12%.

100% Safu Degen!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, every time you join and take part of a new project it is pertinent that you DYOR [Do Your Own Research] and ensure that you’re safe. With that said, I hope you like the project as much as I do. Thanks for your time and have a nice day.

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is a blockchain network built for running smart contract-based applications. BSC runs in parallel with Binance’s native Binance Chain (BC), which allows users to get the best of both worlds: the high transaction capacity of BC and the smart contract functionality of BSC.

Come and Invest/Trade and Join the ride to the Moon

🗼 Tokenomics:

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

🔥 Soon to be listed on Nomics, Coinmarketcap
and CoinGecko

🔒Liquidity Locked

Come join our community on TG..

🌎 Telegram:

💥 Pancake Swap :


💥 Deeplock: Lock LP



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2021.12.08 08:59 Perez4 GRLLA Token has just listed on Pancakeswap

GRLLA Token is launching a new NFT platform and has just listed it's token on Pancakeswap; marketcap is around $100,000 to start.
Liquidity locked for 1 year.
With more than 2000 users within the first 7 days, and a highly diligent and competent team led by Earney Bitcoin, GRLLA is ready to go!!!
Token website:
You can buy GRLLA on Pancakeswap here:
More exchanges will be added shortly!
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2021.12.08 08:59 Razvan5576 Beware on day 11

This was the day when i lost NNN...
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