Governance periods are now set to begin a week after allowing governors to also commit rewards earned!

2021.12.08 09:07 SlowTurtle07 Governance periods are now set to begin a week after allowing governors to also commit rewards earned!

As a result of community feedback, and in the spirit of the festive season, we have adjusted the timing of the governance commitment periods to enable Governors to commit Algo inclusive of their Governance Rewards, distributed at the end of the current Governance Period ( G1 ), to the next Governance Period ( G2 ).
This will be standard practice for all future periods.
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2021.12.08 09:07 probably420stoned " Quick, into the sofa! "

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2021.12.08 09:07 JackAss77776 Many popular animes aren’t popular in Arab countries because of religious reasons

1- Jojo’s bizarre adventure got a lot of hate in the Arab world for having LGBT characters and many Arabs criticized jojo part 6 for having a female protagonist
2-Neon Genesis Evangelion is unpopular because it contains Christian and Jewish themes
3-the future dairy is unpopular because Allah doesn’t exist in that anime’s world and humans can become gods
4-Pokémon used to be popular in Arab countries until Islamic scholars and clerics started to attack it and claim it’s an Israeli propaganda and some said that it has satanist themes, these claims got really popular to the point that Arab countries banned Pokémon games, anime and merchandise
5-beastars and many romantic animes are not popular because of sexual themes
6- although it’s not an anime but popular among weebs, Avatar got popular in Arab countries after it got an Arabic dub, the dub removed all non-Islamic themes and concepts from Avatar, for example when they mentioned that the avatar had past lives, in Arabic dub they removed the concept of reincarnation and they call his past lives “ancestors” instead of past lives
7-Digimon got popular in Arab countires after it got an Arabic dub, just like the avatar dub, it was of censorship and had a lot ridiculous censorships like when Digimon evolve, in Arabic dub the Digimon don't evolve, but instead call upon their "older sibling" to fight in their stead because evolution is haram
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2021.12.08 09:07 Lurerom Regoinier svp😟😟😟😟😟

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2021.12.08 09:07 raygud Does Space time equilibrium mean that space time would stand still?

PS: Spelled equilibrium without auto correct very proud.
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2021.12.08 09:07 republic-knight AVGN 200 : Mediocre yet Highly dissapointing.

AVGN 200.. To me, This was probably the most dissapointing AVGN episode of All time.
Eventhough modern AVGN episodes are a pain to watch for many fans, the specials never dissapoint. Majora's mask, Berenstain bears, and even Raid 2020 were all good episodes, but this one was just that bad.
For the 200th episode of a show which has been going on for over 15 years, i was expecting a better 200th episode than a clip show. Most of this episode was just clips which most have seen before, so it's natural for it to bore fans quite a bit.
Even from the first second when this "200th episode special" began, he mentioned his sponsor and didn't even include the theme song, which is odd for an episode which is supposed to celebrate the show, and be such an important milestone.
Then the episode started to pick up, and it picks up as mostly a clip show. Reusing clips in a special is not bad when the clips are supposed to be reminding us of memories or used in a nostalgic way which celebrates the series, but here, they were the main focus! The main focus of this 200th episode which took them so much "time" to produce was mostly a just clip show.
To make matters worse, "The gaming historian" made a video on this topic before, and this one REUSES footage from that episode, which is such a wrong and cheap thing to do, however copying people is something James and "Screen wave" have done before, (Most notably in the "Monster madness") which truelly shows how less they care nowadays and how much more willing they are to copy others in favor of getting the job done sooner.
The 200th episode of a show being a mini series is a good idea, but i both feel like this has nothing to say and is being dragged to long, and that it doesn't celebrate the show how it should, and dissapoints fans as it is now.
However there are still parts of this 200th episode event left, so we have to see what the future holds for us, but in my eyes, this is an immediate faliure.
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2021.12.08 09:07 uuhhhhhhhhcool Meet Broccoli! (aka baby broccoli, broccolini, rapini boy, and occasionally bean sprout lol)

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2021.12.08 09:07 radome9 Anna von Hausswolffs kyrkokonsert stoppades av katolska aktivister

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2021.12.08 09:07 SMRoyaltyFreeMusic Here's part 3 of my Triads Workout: "Triads Workout - Small Triad Arpeggios Through The Neck". Have fun ! And have a look at my Patreon page for more lessons. (

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2021.12.08 09:07 BrakYeezy As a Helluva Boss & Kanye fan, I consider this true

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2021.12.08 09:07 Irthiza The game before gaming

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2021.12.08 09:07 TheUnrulyFooting Meow Irl

Meow Irl
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2021.12.08 09:07 YoungEbss No one cares about your mobile log in issue

Just my opinion but too many people bitch about having troubles trying to play an MMORP on their cellphone and expect it to be just as smooth as it is on PC.
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2021.12.08 09:07 Key_Ad_3930 Fisco lança concurso externo para recrutar 200 novos trabalhadores

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2021.12.08 09:07 Independent_Mud_4963 is it ever too late

im still going through puberty and i dont like how im becoming more masculine so i'm wondering if its ever too late to begin hrt
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2021.12.08 09:07 haber-trend Sıcak! | ABD'de şirketler 2008'den bu yana en yüksek ücret artışını planlıyor #AmerikaBirleşikDevletleri #MerkezBankalarıSistemi son saatin en çok aranan 6. trend haberi oldu ve an itibarıyla 1 gazetede yer alıyor.

Sıcak! | ABD'de şirketler 2008'den bu yana en yüksek ücret artışını planlıyor #AmerikaBirleşikDevletleri #MerkezBankalarıSistemi son saatin en çok aranan 6. trend haberi oldu ve an itibarıyla 1 gazetede yer alıyor. submitted by haber-trend to HaberTrend [link] [comments]

2021.12.08 09:07 Thisusernameisstilla Mathematiker sind ziemlich kompromisslos. Wenn sie nicht auf einen gemeinsamen Nenner kommen...

... muss man mit Brüchen rechnen.
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2021.12.08 09:07 zuleyha84 70% off >> $44.59 >> NASUM Cordless Leaf Blower Banggood Coupon Promo Code [USA Warehouse]

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2021.12.08 09:07 Izana_07 Demon Slayer - Uzui Slaps Aoi's ass Spider-man Edit

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2021.12.08 09:07 soundsoul White suit

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2021.12.08 09:07 successivewaves Icloud ,ail censorship is -- overreacting to the extreme?

I write Metal songs about battles, and when I send over notes from my Ipad to my computer with ideas I've written down from books, etc., I've had to start removing words like "death", "slaughter" and "blood" from the subject line because then the e-mail from my icloud adress gets blocked. Recently I sent over a note with notes lyrics about the WW1 Battle of Thiepval Ridge in 1916. It seems like they think that "Thiepval" is either a drug or that it is some kind of reference to Valium...
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2021.12.08 09:07 BelleAriel Can you find the clitoris?

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2021.12.08 09:07 Horror-Ad-3113 No r/ClashRoyale discutindo sobre o preço do pa$$e

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2021.12.08 09:07 bean_fart These really look like those yummy sugar gummies

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